Adventure Club Summer 2017 Program
A plan of activities for the week is posted by your child’s sign-in book. Bring a bathing suit and towel everyday as we have scheduled and spur-of-the-moment water play.

Weekly Themes
Celebrate (week 1 / July 4) – Canada's 150th birthday, carnival
Sounds of Music (week 2 / July 10) – make music with guest "In A Chord," "jam" all week
Make It Fly (week 3 / July 17) – up with kites, down with egg drop
Going Green (week 4 / July 24) – nature art projects: wind chimes, bird feeders
What's Cooking? (week 5 / July 31) – Iron Chef, bake-and-sell charity challenge
Block Party (week 6 / August 8) – "backyard" games, talent show
Amazing Races (week 7 / August 14) – follow clues around the city
Mad Scientists (week 8 / August 21) – volcanoes, exploding lunch bag, lava lamps
Wonderful World (week 9 / August 28) – crafts, games, food from other countries

Centre Play
Centre play is every day before and after theme activities or fieldtrips.

Outdoor centre play includes using equipment from our sports shed, the DLG playgrounds
and visits to community parks that are within walking distance in Marpole.

Indoor centre play is in our portables with organized and free-play options like arts-crafts, baking for snack and fundraising, building, dance, drama, games, ping pong, pool and science kits. Computers and arcade games are on during a set time.     

The indoor routine also includes individual and small group English language and math skills tutoring – please speak to our staff if your child needs specific help.

Field Trips
Field trips leave after the 10 am snack and aim to return by 3 pm; any changes to the leave / return times will be posted by the beginning of the week. We drive our centre bus and mini-van for field trips. Adventure Club may use public transit for a specific event - this will be posted with the activity plan for the week. We plan sunny and rainy day options for each field trip day but our first choice is to go to parks and beaches. We may change times / days due to weather and available booking times at some indoor options.

Routine for Week 1 and Week 6
The centre is closed Monday, July 3 and Monday August 7 so the routine is a little different. This week includes: theme activities, a safety and social contract review, centre play and a field trip day which will be posted at the beginning of the week.

Routine for all other Weeks
Mondays: outdoor team games like parachute, soccer, California kickball. If there are no water restrictions, we have backfield water play with squirters, sprinklers and slip-and-slide - bring a bathing suit and towel; centre play and weekly theme activity.       

Tuesdays / Thursdays: field trip outdoor options include UBC, Hillcrest, Maple Grove, Steveston pools; Kitsilano, Spanish Banks, Stanley Park beaches; Splashdown; city park playgrounds and fields; bike and scooter trips of various distances; berry picking; indoor options include Science World, the aquarium, Watermania, bowling.

Wednesdays / Fridays: centre play and weekly theme activities.

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