About Us

We have a provincial license under the authority of the Community Care Facility Act of the ministry of health. The license regulates the site conditions, Staff qualifications, program content and maximum enrollment.

We are a non-profit society and a registered charity. We operate at David Lloyd George (DLG) Elementary School in Marpole but we are not part of the Vancouver School Board.

Children at DLG are in the same boundary as Magee, Churchill and Ideal Secondary Schools.

Our centre pioneered school-age child care in September 1974 with dedicated parents and 12 children from 6 to 12 years old. Since then we have assisted in opening school-age programs in several other schools. See other landmark dates in the History section of our Parent Manual.

Mission Statement

We recognize individuals: your child is encouraged to develop his / her social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills. Your child is responsible for his / her own actions. We promote self-worth and confidence.

We meet in groups: our centre believes in equality and strives to be non-sexist and non-racist. Our programs try to reflect the various cultures of the children. We promote respect for others and co-operation.

We participate in the community: children use and contribute to the neighborhood. We promote a sense of belonging and steps to independence.

Our Objectives

Our objectives are to:

  • provide a safe and comfortable place for your child

  • establish reasonable limits for your child consistent with his / her own abilities; make

  • him / her accountable to someone

  • provide resources so your child may develop talents and explore new interests; offer passive and active opportunities

  • assist you in raising a responsible child by giving consistent guidance – the direction your child receives will ultimately rest with you

  • promote necessary social and community skills so your child may successfully pursue leisure activities when he / she no longer needs the security of our centre.

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